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What’s the purpose of the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy?

The draft 2019 to 2022 Federal Sustainable Development Strategy outlines federal government action to create a sustainable economy, protect the environment and enhance Canadians’ well-being for the next 3 years. Its main intent is to support engaging Canadians on their views on what a sustainable Canada looks like, what environmental sustainability targets we should aim for, and how we can best measure and report on them. The strategy aims to make environmental decision making more transparent and accountable to Parliament.

What is the role of other levels of government in implementing the strategy?

While the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy focuses on the federal actions, it acknowledges that the Government of Canada cannot achieve sustainable development alone. Partners such as provinces and territories, Indigenous peoples, businesses, non-governmental organizations and Canadian citizens will all play an essential role in helping meet sustainability objectives in Canada.

What is the objective of the 120-day consultation period for the draft strategy, who must be consulted, and what will you do with the feedback?

The objective of the public consultation process is to support transparency and gather concrete ideas and feedback from stakeholders and the public on what they want to see in the final strategy.
As part of public consultation, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change provides the draft strategy to:
•  the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development
•  the Sustainable Development Advisory Council
•  the appropriate committee of each House of Parliament
•  the public Consultation results inform the final strategy and are summarized in a publicly-available synthesis report.

Who makes up the Sustainable Development Advisory Council?

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change chairs the Sustainable Development Advisory Council. The council includes 1 representative from each province and territory and 3 from each of the following:
·  Indigenous peoples
·  environmental non-governmental organizations
·  business organizations
·  organizations representative of labour

How is the draft 2019-2022 strategy different from previous ones?

In October 2016 we tabled the 2016 to 2019 Federal Sustainable Development Strategy. That strategy:
·  set out goals aligned with the environmentally-focused Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda
·  established strong targets and indicators
·  took an inclusive approach recognizing the important roles of other governments, Indigenous peoples, stakeholders and all Canadians
This draft strategy updates the 2016 to 2019 FSDS and shows how we’ll continue to advance our sustainable development goals and support the environmentally-focused SDGs over the next 3 years.