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What does sustainable development mean to you?

12 months ago

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  • Fbulconer about 1 month ago
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  • jptanel 8 months ago
    To achieve sustainable development we must all change the way we complete tasks. From building structures and developing cities, to managing healthcare programs and education. Projects undertaken by the government need to be dynamic and constantly adaptive, even once they are declared "completed". Sustainable development is the consideration of people, planet and profits in every decision being made. For example, the approval of a new condo should not simply be approved on the fact that housing is needed and because it meets certain codes. The condo should be approved if it can function as a tiny power plant with on site energy production (Planet & Profit). It should be approved if its design and construction results in a net-zero energy consumption each year, resulting in zero energy bills for its tenants (People & Profit & Planet). It should be approved if it has aspects that give back to the community, not just with a bench outside, but with store front use dedicated for local startup business or a schools business program (People & Profit). Sustainable development is taking action and making provisions to utilize our resources today, without jeopardizing the futures ability to meet their needs.