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How could the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy better support transparency and accountability of environmental decision making?

8 months ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.
  • ephilip 9 months ago
    Having a basic knowledge is very pivotal . So some 101 workshop/presentation would be great. Once people are on the same page transparency and accountability becomes easy.
  • David Marioni 9 months ago
    Please consider inviting industry to propose and work on feasibility studies to solve specific challenges. One such challenge could be the oil sands issue, whereby there are many specialists who do not understand the lack of progress in improving the environmental performance of oil sand processing systems. There are some exciting initiatives already in operation to attempt to generate innovation but these are played too close to the chest by industry and our Government authorities. We need to lose the constipation and throw open the doors like it's spring time (get some fresh ideas in there, open agendas up).
  • mgifford 9 months ago
    I'd love to see the CRA start collecting both financial data & environmental data from organizations in Canada. Why aren't organizations being asked to submit their Scope 1 & 2 emissions. Why isn't this information public knowledge.
  • User Name 10 months ago
    When you say you are going to end fossil fuel subsidies do it. When you say you will repair all of Stephen Harpers damage to environmental protection laws do this too and go further.
  • Juliane Schaible 10 months ago
    Assure different government policies are coherent and cross-reference goals and actions. Environmental decision making needs to be integrated into other key policies such as clean growth and vice versa.
  • Sherri Cox 10 months ago
    Wildlife must be considered as part of any environmental development strategy. As such, consultations with professionals working with wildlife (wildlife veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators) should be added to wildlife biologists. We are stewards of our environment and protection of individual wildlife are an important part of our ecosystem.