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How do you connect with nature?

8 months ago
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  • Catherine Francken 9 months ago
    I hike, ski, and participate in outdoors activities. I clean-up shorelines when I go to the beach
  • ephilip 9 months ago
    Synthesizing real data and then connecting with the nature (stream flow)
  • mgifford 9 months ago
    Try to enjoy the parks around me. Take a lot of photos.
  • Stephen 9 months ago
    Woks in our provincial park frequently. Ride my bicycle to work through the sane provincial park every day, year round.
  • Rob 9 months ago
    Sight-Sounds-smells. Sustainable Envirioment.
  • obendov 10 months ago
    Sorry for using this platform, can someone look at the registration link for the February 12th webinar, it doesn’t work.
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    • Admin Commented Sustainable Development Office 10 months ago
      Thank you for bringing this to our attention, the link has been fixed.
  • Sherri Cox 10 months ago
    I help sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife as authorized by the province. By restoring health and addressing wildlife welfare, we are able to protect ecosystems and be stewards of wildlife in Canada.