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What new ideas in sustainable development should the Government of Canada should be thinking about?

4 months ago
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  • Canadian Hemp Farmers Alliance 2 months ago
    adopting functional hemp based products into there sustainable development strategy.These hemp based products need to be things like:Bio plasticspaper productsliquid fuelsenergy pelletsbatteriescomposite auto mobile partsbuilding materialstextile fabricssoil remediation mulchThis will help fight the climate crisis that is being cause majorly by things like Fracking for fossil fuels, Mining as well Deforestation.The Canadian Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments need to open hemp specific procurement opportunities to purchase functional hemp based products directly from the processing manufacturing facility. Similar to what the Canadian provincial governments are doing which is purchasing the cannabis products from the licensed producers manufacturing facilities. This is allowing the cannabis industry to flourish, Without the governments being the buyers there would be smaller wholesale transactions which would lead to less financial gains. Hemp has the opportunity to be much bigger than the cannabis recreational market and its time we look at hemp for developing out future products.
  • Ross 3 months ago
    Create policy to promote/encourage/facilitate the further development of REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURAL practices!! There is huge opportunity to better develop these conservation and production systems across Canada.
  • ACESChris 3 months ago
    Leverage opportunities in food systems. Barton told us, our next economic pitch is to feed a hungry world. We have the resources to do just that, but need to get organized to actually make it happen.
  • Dee 3 months ago
    This is a long list but I am purging here:1. Communicate heavily on ALL you do towards improving the Environment and reducing Climate Change, just the fact that there are such limited responses here is proof that this tool is not widely known about. So many people have ideas, so many people want to DO something, including make changes that may be difficult or cost us more money, we just need a path with options. Pls give us one. 2. Keep doing what you are doing re land conservation but seek and/or promote a programme whereby people can donate their land for permanent protection. For example we live on a farm in Ontario , every year we have to send a form into the province certifying that the wetlandEP land on our property still exists in order to get a tax break on that land. This land is never going to be developed, pls offer me a way to sell it to you (at a reasonable price) orto donate it for permanent protection! If paying people for lands of this type is not feasible we would be happy to accept a life long free pass to Provincial and Federal Parks in exchange. This is just one benefit I can think of that you could offer. Putting a plaque on site noting our family’s donation to the natural world is another. An example of a foundation you could direct people tothe Wyss connect people willing to donate land. They work strictly with Conservation Groups but you can help people connect. 3. Make Earth Day a National Stat and create opportunities for people, municipalities or groups to participate in activities such as roadside or beach or other garbage cleanup, tree planting, idea sessions for alternativesto plastic or other environmentally friendly ideas. Run contests across the country for people to participate in. There is also Earth Week and WorldEnvironment Day that you could piggy back on to get more attention on the issues and promote what the Feds are doing. PROMOTE your work!4. I cannot emphasize more how important it is that youCommunicate what you are DOING and how people can PARTICIPATE. People are desperate to make a contribution. Part of this is demonstrating that you are notjust working in a vacuum, demonstrate and publicize work you are doing towork with other countries who are leading in this effort. Britain just stated that they are now producing more green energy than fossil fuel source energy, what is our response to this? What is our plan and goal to do the same? Are you speaking with them to see how they did this? Please do and tell us you are! We need to know there is a plan and would be highly supportive! Tell us what you find out, and start planting the seeds in our minds of what meeting this goal would mean to us. Start preparing us for these changes that are coming. 5. Create a plan to shift subsidies currently given to the fossil fuel industries over to government run green energy jobs and greener industries. Make it a long term plan, tell us all that your plan involves subsidizing the wages of the workersinvolved that will move to workin these government jobs to maintain their standard of living. People would be OK with this! Help our comrades out west and east to shift off oil to the wind and solar industry! It’s the people that have the numbers (votes) not the owners. It’s the people you need to offer this to. And PROMOTE what you are doing, using existing monies currently given to fossil fuels to shift to green. Subsidizing dirty industry with our tax money is not popular! People just don’t know enough about it. Compare it to Asbestos and Tobacco, provide a path to change! COMMUNICATE! USE THE MEDIA TO YOUR BENEFIT. 6. Create or sanction/partner with a existing product and service labelling/certification programme so that people can know the carbon status of what they spend their money on. Promote it so people can start making their own decisions and spending their own money withCompanies that are or are working to become more carbon neutral, have it be a scoring system like 0 to 5 where 0 is zero carbon and higher scores show where they stand. Start with it being voluntary but set a future target for it to be mandatory. I would like to know that my money is going to companies that are trying. All businesses should want to be part of this if it’s promoted widely and seen as something the average person can DO to make a difference. It’s not a TAX it’s voluntary. 7. I have purchased an EV using the subsidy that the Feds provided. I was just a little late and missed the provincial subsidy here in Ontario as it was cancelled. What a GREAT car it is. Subsidies going to fossil fuel or the traditional car mfg industry should also be shifted to greener transportation industries and grants to owners so we can buy these cars. I happened to come into money via inheritance so I could buy my dream car and so many I speak to would like to buy one but they are out ofreach for most people. My charging station at my house was $1200 installed. Pls give people a tax credit for that and for a portion of their EV purchase AND the $5k. Suggest provinces must also contribute $5k to these buyers through a tax credit or grant. Use the money already in the state that is subsidizing dirty industries. Invest in the auto industry in Canada esp in Ontario to get these leading EV companies onto our soil to provide good jobs. People would be OK with this! People want big bold change! Promote free EV parking spaces across the country in all jurisdictions. The GV licence in Ontario works great! Should be in place across the country allowing privileges to be easily given to these people who have invested in lessening their ownCarbon footprint. 8. Start planning to update the income tax system so that a person can provide their carbon footprint to you via a sanctioned calculator as part the income tax submission process and start giving CREDIT to those who meet levels of acceptability, depending on a reasonable criteria of course, but somehow you MUST start rewarding and encouraging people to make change in their lives. 9. Create or promote a Carbon offset programme that people can voluntarily (again not a tax but voluntary) contribute to if they want to offset travel such as flights or large impact activity in their personal footprint such as boating or snowmobiling where they are choosing to or must buy a big pick up truck instead of a compact car. Reward those doing the right thing, allow those who are not able to, or choose not to, an option toOffset. For example I am choosing notfly this winter to reduce my footprint but I may really need some sun next winter so when I book my flight a message could come up (be made mandatory for the flight industry) asking if I want to contribute $100(Or whatever) to offset my travel. This should be voluntary at first but with a long term plan to become permanent. Subsidize research into the electric flight industry and promoteit for short haul flights in Canada, use existing subsidies to fossil fuel ormonies collected via offsets to do this. 10. Create a monthly newsletter/ press release that highlights the big ideas allGovernment ministries are working on so people KNOW action is happening, make it a movement , people mustWANT to be part of it. Where do weStand in the world re per capitaEmissions! Help us become competitive! Help us want to be better global citizens and give us the tools to do that. Make us proud to be Canadian and to show our accomplishments at the next COP. 11. Promote this Tool so that more people can express their views! The main goal must be to substantially reduce the use of fossil fuels in all parts of our lives including heating, transportation, construction, packaging, products we use like dollar store junk that should be entirely phased out of our economy over time. People have so many ideas, having a government sanctioned place to communicate them is great but people must KNOW about this.I and so many others have more ideas but am running out of time this morning ! :) I know some are more feasible than others and some may be seen as impossible. My overall suggestion is that you start thinking outside the box, starting throwing around and publicizing BIG BOLD ideas. The masses MUST change and theSeeds of these change plans must be planted positively in the mind of our collective society. The idea of a carbon tax is what has some people upset, so think about how to turn it around intoa voluntary action where people WANTto be part of every idea, ENABLE us to change. That is the challenge ofGovernment today. You now have two thirds of the country behind you, there has never been a better time to ACT!Hoping to see big action soon. D.
  • kgelda 3 months ago
    *****Begin to audit residential recycling bins and tax households for not recycling properly *****Consider providing subsidies to households interested in purchasing a Plastic Packaging Terra Cycle Zero-Waste Box (*****Encourage grocery stores to phase out plastic produce bags, and swap them out for compost bags (I've seen this already implemented at Whole Foods and Goodness Me)*****Encourage fast food establishments to switch out their standard coffee cups (lined with plastic), to a plant-based alternative coffee cup (lined with plant-based plastic); I've seen that Starbucks has already implemented this*****Provide subsidies to businesses that are adopting more sustainable, greener initiatives to their business practices *****Encourage bulk food stores (such as bulk barn) to have a container drop off donation area to encourage customers to use the pre-weighed containers over the plastic bags. I've seen this adopted at the Zero Waste Bulk Store in Waterloo. Also to encourage these bulk food stores to swap out their plastic bags for compost bags or paper bags.