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What are your priorities when it comes to implementing the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development?

9 months ago
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  • Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association 8 months ago
    Canada's 18 UNESCO biosphere reserves collectively implement all 17 SDGs by mobilizing communities, youth, and partners from all sectors to understand what they can do to address these global goals. Sustainable communities are those that work together and collaboratively to achieve the SDGs and that understand that these goals are all connected and influence each other. The Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association's priority is to encourage the development of healthy relationships between people, organizations, and cultures that will enable the types collaborations required to achieve what we know as the SDGs.
  • rxu3 8 months ago
    I definitely think that the priority needs to be on climate change and preserving the current state of the planet we all live on. Canada needs to focus on reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, from a consumption and production perspective. We should lead by example by decarbonizing electricity production, transportation, and building systems. We are a first world nation after all! We have one of the highest standards of living in the world - how can we expect the rest of the world to follow if the richest countries do not lead?
  • KurtSampson 8 months ago
    The UN 2030 SD Goals that I feel are of utmost urgency are:* Encouraging sustainable consumption ( this is a root problem )* Take urgent action to mitigate Climate Change ( i.e. protect our children )* Reducing inequality ( e.g. removing money from politics )* Ensure access to quality education & life-long learning ( education is the answer to most of our biggest problems )* Ensuring access to sustainable energy ( e.g. divesting from fossil fuels & investing in renewables )
  • Dan G. Reid 8 months ago
    Hemp must be used for all toilet paper production, as a start, to reduce deforestation. At least 4 times as much paper can be made from an acre of hemp than from an acre of trees, and it takes only months to grow. Stores can now buy hemp toilet paper for 20 cents per role from We must also use hemp-concrete (hemp fibre, lime, and water) rather than concrete. Hemp-concrete biodegrades when underground (not used for foundations) and can be used for all above ground structures from walls to roofs, supports, etc. and is stronger than concrete, getting more dense over time. We must grow hemp everywhere possible in order to absorb CO2 from the air and lock that CO2 into what is build with Hemp. Hemp also reverses soil erosion and grows in any soil with enough water, meaning it can vastly expand arable lands and allow for organic agriculture.Please reconsider deep tilling agriculture in light of the following scientific articles. Not only does deep tilling cause extreme amounts of greenhouse gas by way of water vapour (the most abundant greenhouse gas), but the same industrial farms that deep till use pesticides that account for the insect apocalypse which is leading towards ecological collapse. For truly sustainable farming practices, see the movie "Think global act urban / Solutions locales pour un désordre global (2010)" entire generation of youth now has to question if they should have children as they will not be able to die of natural causes. This is the urgency of our situation and need for real change. Complacency is no longer an option. Mars is not an option, and you wouldn't be on that ship if it was, so get up with it already.