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What does sustainable food mean to you?

8 months ago
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  • DebFarr 8 months ago
    Sustainability of food means that we need to think outside the box. Look to nature and see how it balances its needs in order to sustain life. Use natural light in the cities high-rises in order to grow food inside office buildings; Capture rainwater, use multi-level green houses in order to grow vegetables. The list of affordable options is endless if we work together.
  • Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association 8 months ago
    Sustainable food is food that is grown as close to its consumers as possible, without the use of harmful chemicals in production or transportation, by farmers and producers who are fairly compensated for their efforts. Sustainable food should be affordable and accessible to all.
  • teey 8 months ago
    Sustainable food to me, would be food that is grown and can be consumed in a manner that does not prevent future generations from having access to abundant food options.
  • Jfcarle 8 months ago
    Food preferably grown or produced near where I live or, if imported, that is fairly produced.
  • KurtSampson 8 months ago
    To me; the sustainability of food is measured using a full life-cycle approach. How much previously-natural land needs to be used to make the food, the environmental footprint of the machinery & fuel required in the process, the chemicals used, the packaging & transport. It is also important to consider the nutritional value of the food vs the environmental cost, as some foods have significant external costs e.g. quality of life & health care.
  • Dan G. Reid 8 months ago
    Please reconsider deep tilling agriculture in light of the following scientific articles. Not only does this cause extreme amounts of greenhouse gas by way of water vapour, but the same industrial farms use pesticides that account for the insect apocalypse leading to ecological collapse. For truly sustainable farming practices, see the movie "Think global act urban / Solutions locales pour un désordre global (2010)"
  • genemetson 8 months ago
    Producing, distributing, and treating food in a way that ensures all people have access to the nutrition they require, farmers have safe conditions and wages, and the current and future environment (land, water, and air resources) are not not compromised. In particular producing and eating low amounts of meat, producing low food waste, and supporting recycling of organic waste back in to food production and polycultures instead of monocultures are central to achieving food and water security for all.
  • Ellen Guttormson 8 months ago
    Food that grows close to me so that the carbon footprint for transport is small. Farmland that is preserved and not developed. Food grown without a large input of cheical fertilizers or pesticides and herbicides.