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Which sustainable development issues should we prioritize over the next 3 years?

5 months ago
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  • Xavier Doló 7 months ago
    I agree with the two previous comments, I would add.Farming:-Efficient irrigation systems, drop drop etc ...-Reduce chemicals, pesticides, herbicides etc ...-Products of proximity, enhance the variety in the communities that are possible, in order to reduce the impact of transportation, food, healthier, fresher, and promote organic farming.-Educate the youngest ones in healthy feeds and the value of the ecology in general, participatory programs of collecting your own food and programs of awareness of the value of the farmer.- Rotary crops, to de-stress the land.Energy:-The energy should be provided locally if possible, by reducing costs of electrical installations etc ...-Incentive programs for companies, organizations, etc ... to promote the electric car, putting on account of the company plus government program, recharging places at work for free for workers.The houses, must also be receptors of the excess energy of the cars, means that they can supply part of the energy to the house.Encourage network disconnection for self-production in local areas.Minicentrales, combination of several renewable.Encourage energy savings, not only energy, solar heating, water, recycling systems, hot water.Ultimately there is much to be done, it is very important to educate and reeducate the communities of the well being of people through the air, environmental meters, accessible to the whole community to involve people in specific programs of efficient impacts on homes, schools , work centers etc ...And electric school transport, give an example to the little ones is basic to understand our evolution as citizens.
  • ephilip 7 months ago
    A lot has been done for improving the water quality (drinking water, nutrient management, storm water management and effluent and sewage discharge. Yet, prioritizing both water quality and quantity next 3 years would be beneficial for decoupling economic growth from environmental stress.
  • GabrielDoAmaral 7 months ago
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  • Terra Pombert 8 months ago
    I think we need to prioritize local agricultural production with a focus on market gardens, veggies and local processing of what is grown to generate stable jobs. I also think that continued support for alternative energy projects is needed but perhaps on smaller scales to look at how communities could produce 10-20% of electricity locally ie. solar on homes, businesses, small wind generators or other micro generation opportunities. Also a critical look at how to reduce the work week for people 35 hour work week rather than 40 hour. Finally, tax credits for registered volunteers to encourage community participation.